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JJ belonged to a talented family of three other brothers, five sisters, and one devoted mother.JJ wasknown to be a quiet child. At the age of thirteen, he discovered his music ability. Music allowed JJ escape from the trials of everyday life.

Life as a child was very difficult for JJ. He and his family were the victims of domestic violence received from his father. His father constantly abused him and his family, psychologically and physically. His father also corrupted the minds of the nine children, causing them to fight one another, an effect lasting well into their adulthood.

JJ has suffered many terrible experiences from both his father and his oldest brother. At the age of nine, his father beat him with an electrical extention cord, a tree "switch", and a belt, twisted together in the basement of the family's home. His father believed that his icecream was taken by young JJ. (His mother purchased the icecream for the children.) JJ went to school the next morning suffering from multiple bruises and swellings on his legs and back. He also suffered from a split nipple on his chest. A teacher noticed young JJ walking crippled. She immediately sent him to the principal's office for attention. The principal inspected the child's body and asked him what happened. Young JJ told the principal that he fell the day before while playing in the yard. The principal knew that he was lying and insisted on the truth, but the young JJ would not provide it. JJ lied to protect his family from separation. There were many other painful experiences young JJ endured at the hands of his father.

The oldest brother of JJ became similar to his father. He would fight JJ with help from his father. Coincidentally, at the age of sixteen, JJ was stabbed with a garden rake by his brother, over icecream. (His mother purchased icecream for all of her children, but the oldest brother felt that JJ did not deserve any.) JJ was taken to the emergency room, where he underwent immediate surgery. It was corruption from the father that turned the oldest brother against JJ. Now adults, the brothers do not communicate, but JJ continues to love his oldest brother regardless of the past.

JJ feels that the best vengence is vengence from the Lord. He forgives his father for abusing him and his family.