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RR MUSIC RECORDS was establish to teach others how to get a music contract and connections to major labels. Our founder and CEO, J.J. Rooks is also an artist. Our organization is about artist helping other artists. We serve new upcoming artists that are in need of information (i.e.) how to get a fair cotract in the music industry. Cause there is a lot of company labels that are not fair to the artist. We believe in fairness to our artists. We stand 100% behind our artist- not 50% but 100% percent! We beleive if you make the music and work very hard on it, you should get fair treatment of your work. By working as a team we can overcome all obstacles.

At RR MUSIC RECORDS we will show you and also teach you about the music industry this way you will be educated on what you are going into. For more information, send us an e-mail and tell us "how may we assist you." Feel free to speak your mind.